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Waste separation - the easy way!

Proper waste separation protects the environment. Our waste can only be recycled when it has been correctly separated and put in the correct containers for the Waste Disposal Team to be able to take it. Please support us in this effort.

On this page we have gathered the most important services of the Göttinger waste management company (GEB) and their waste management sector.

Non-Recyclable waste collection

Proper waste separation saves money since a large majority of non-recyclable waste can be recycled using other methods of disposal, which reduces both the size and cost of the bins. You can find the collection dates in the waste disposal calendar.

bulky waste collection

Removal of bulky waste or household rubbish (up to 4 cubic metres) can be requested - for free - very easily and conveniently via the enclosed link “Sperrmüllkarte”.

Yellow Sac

Please dispose empty packages only; for e.g: plastic packaging, cans and composite materials (such as Tetra Packs). Please note: The yellow sacs have to be available at the roadside by 6 o'clock in the morning of the day of collection. For further information referring the collection system please click here.

Organic waste

For the GEB it is very important that is separated properly. There is absolutely no place for plastic bags, glass, batteries, diapers (nappies), cans or even compostable garbage (bin) bags. The organic waste is converted by the GEB into premium quality compost which is regarded as one of the best and most environmental-friendly fertilizers. Therefore the GEB initiated the “Göttinger Bio Power Movement” in order to inform, to sensitize and to motivate the public.
Be part of Göttinger Bio Power Movement.

Click here for more information about GEB’s campagne.

For more information about a correct organic waste separation click here.

Tips and Tricks

You will find an overview of all brochures and information sheets from the GEB, some in foreign languages, as well under the following link: click here.