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About us

Welcome to Volksheimstätte

The cooperative „Volksheimstätte“ was founded on 1 March 1948. For more than 70 years we have been competently advising our members and tenants. We maintain a reliable and trustful relationship with our business partners  in the construction and building industry.

Where do we come from?  

After the foundation in 1948 our major intention was to provide housing space for the local population. Until the late 1990s our focus was to build terrace house communities as well as multi-family dwellings in the city and district of Göttingen. Subsequently, we have concentrated on building multi-family dwellings in and around the region of Göttingen.

Where are we going?

Strategic realignment

Since 2012 and with the implementation of a project called “Zukunftswerkstatt” Volksheimstätte has started it’s strategical realignment by focusing it’s constructional projects on the town of Göttingen as well as on Bovenden and Rosdorf. As a result, we put our stock on a solid and sustainable grounding whilst at the same time investing in new building projects. Examples include: the district developments in the southern part of Göttingen in “Windausweg”; the new building project in the district of Weende “Im Hassel”; the modernization and addition of another storey in Weserstraße 15, 17, 19 in the district of Leineberg and last but not least our latest construction project in Weserstraße 43 – also in the district of Leineberg.

Sustainable development goals

Another important part of our business activities is the comprehensive redevelopment of our existing buildings, in combination with the fulfilment of legal requirements, to include modern thermal insulation as well as the installation of smoke detectors and the establishment of an energy-efficient heating system. Not only energy standards are met, however, but also the renewal and modernization of our apartments, staircases and outdoor facilities create a high customer satisfaction. An external review in 2012 certified a high satisfaction rate of 97 % among our tenants:

“We are 100 % Göttingen”.

Satisfied tenants and the production of attractive living quarters to help shape a sustainable cityscape is the target of our cooperative. 

Contact partner

Heike Klankwarth

Chairwoman (CEO)

Phone: 0551 37077 - 160

Fax: 0551 37077 - 499

Thorsten May

Board member

Phone: 0551 37077 - 160

Fax: 0551 37077 - 499